Black tea

This fair-trade black tea from the Assam region in India is appreciated for its robustness and its full-bodied and malted flavours.


Black tea

Delicious blend of black tea and spices offering a balanced yet powerful taste.

African chai


With its rich spicy notes of cinnamon and ginger, this chai will please caffeine free drink lovers.

Tous les thés

Pumpkin chai

Black tea

This fall classic combines black tea and pumpkin spices offering you warmth and comfort.

Remedy tea

Green tea & Rooibos

This blend of teas, herbs and essential oils is the perfect natural remedy to help with flu and cold symptoms.

Spicy turmeric


A delicious blend of turmeric and spices with endless virtues to savor as a latte.


Oolong tea

The wood aroma of oolong blends perfectly with citrus to create and infusion that will help purify the body and eliminate toxins.

Dong Ding

Oolong tea

The taste of soft flowers, honey, and butter harmonizes to offer this remarkably complex and smooth oolong

Earl grey

Black tea

This rich black tea and bergamot blend is an English classic, offering a powerful and perfumed flavour.

Energizing tea

Green tea

Thanks to its blend of matcha green tea, lemon, minth and ginger, this tonic will energize and encourage concentration.



Sweet maple touch gives this rooibos tea a flavourful and warm comforting taste.

Raspberry hibiscus

Green tea

The sweet tart flavor of raspberry balances with green tea to create a flavorful infusion.

Ginger lime


This rooibos offers the perfect fusion between the freshness of lime and the spicy side of ginger.


Green tea

Known for its fresh and rejuvenating qualities, this green tea is carefully cultivated in the immaculate high-mountain climate of Hubei.


Green tea

This ceremonial Japanese green tea is rich in antioxidants, and perfectly complements lattes and smoothies.

Moroccan mint

Green tea

This refreshing green tea and peppermint blend is inspired by the rich Moroccan tradition.

Jasmin pearls

Green tea

This handcrafted tea is artfully infused with the delicate odour of jasmine flowers, offering an invigorating infusion.

Pear vanilla

White tea

Soft white tea infusion that pleasantly combines the perfume of pear and vanilla enhanced by spicy notes of ginger.


Green tea

This outstanding Japanese Sencha, from the first harvest of spring, offers a pleasant savory taste and gold and emerald infusion of colors.